Graphic design is my passion

Carter/Cronch - Trans Man - 19

I mostly use twitter and reddit. Feel free to DM me and add/follow me on anything linked. Sometimes I draw shit if i feel crazy, I do more music stuff though. I play piano and am getting into guitar and DJing. I stream often on twitch, it's usually a chill game and I never give audio commentary.

  • B-day: Aug 7

  • I'm studying marine biology! I love the ocean!

  • I love ancient Rome a lot, ancient history in general too

  • My favourite animals are bears, leopards, turtles/tortoises, and sharks! please send me photos of them

  • Raised in Europe, mostly, had a year in japan (where i discovered anime lol) currently in america

  • I love socialising, i think people and talking are neat sometimes

  • I might be overbearing, let me know, i don't want anyone to be uncomfortable with me

  • I love getting into new things

  • Ask me more? I guess, if this isn't enough haha

By looking at my twitter for .2 seconds, you can tell I'm into anime. My main interests are mostly anything Bushiroad has their grubby hands in. I bounce to other mainstream stuff as well ocasionally. Please don't ask me about SAO, I have a love-hate relationship with it so unless you'd like a 2 hour analysis...

Best Love Live Girls

Best Bandori Girls

Best Revue Starlight

  • Bandori EN - 208445

  • Bandori JP - 88971173

  • SIFAS EN - 363 647 942

  • SIFAS JP - 463 462 711

  • Starlight Relive - 7704189762

  • Arknights - ThePope#1085 (you might have to put a space before the username to get it to work)

  • Genshin Impact - 600980224

This is my turtle snapper, he's a 22 year old yellow belly slider. He's mean as hell and a bastard but I love him. His best girls are Kanan and Yukina. I used to have a framed photo of Kanan for his tank.

This is Maddi, she's my 9 year old chihuahua mix. She's as sweet as ever, I post her a lot. Feel free to demand photos of her at any time.